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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is said to be one of the largest waterfalls in the world, by the volume of water and the width of the falls.The falls is on the Niagara river that flows from...


Natural Bridge

I heard of a tourist spot named Natural Bridge. I looked it up on the internet and found the following, Natural Bridge is a geological formation in Rockbridge County, Virginia, in which Cedar Creek...



I had heard that we were living close to the world’s largest chocolate factory. The chocolate brand is Hershey and the factory is situated in a place named, Hershey in the state of Pennsylvania. How...



One weekend we did not get much to do. So we thought of driving down to the park in a town named, Erie. Yeah, the name is Erie but it is not very eerie. Yes,...



While I was working in Pittsburgh a very good friend of mine was working at the same time in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus was just 200 miles from Pittsburgh and would take 3.5 hours in...


Milwaukee – Waukesha

The first time I went to work in the United States, I was posted in Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin. Actually it wasn’t the city of Milwaukee but Waukesha County right outside Milwaukee....

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