About us

Hi Reader,

Welcome to GabbyDabby! GabbyDabby is our place to share what we love with you.

We are a regular couple who’ve got a few passions in life. We, Neo and Oleon, love to travel, cook and spend as much time with our son, Poppy, as possible. We also love photography and since we have been working in the field of IT consultancy it has given us the opportunity to live and travel around the world. We have  had unique experiences, seen different customs, lifestyles, tried out strange kinds of food (some of which others might find revolting), and have made friends around the world.

Poppy is a voracious reader and is not exactly the outdoors-kind of a kid. After spending his childhood years abroad, he has finally settled down with us in India. Thankfully for him, he’s been going to a single school for the last 5 years, after 7 years in 4 schools in 4 countries. Poppy’s passion is reading, researching weird topics, quizzing and writing his kooky poems.

And now we dive into this journey of passion, here is my question to you:

What do you love?

Happy reading,

Neo, Oleon & Poppy


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