Poem: Sports

Time for another poem, then: this one’s about sports!


By Poppy

What is a game?

Well, it’s not exactly tame.

You may get hurt.

You’ll need yogurt.

Basketball, tennis, and football, too –

These are some games that can be played by you.

They’re also called ‘sports’; I call them ‘games’.

But as you know things don’t change with their names.

Roger Bannister ran the Four-Minute Mile.

It’s a fact known by every man and crocodile.

Speaking of crocs, they swim very fast.

Unlike Eric Moussambani, who came in last.

At the Asian Games,

Many athletes came.

And it was in August, you know.

Time to bring out the hoe.

Some sports need a net.

Some are played with a pet.

Like Frisbee, you see.

There are thousands of sports for you and me!


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