Poem: Filigree Stories

I was sitting in school waiting for my father to collect me when I thought I’d write a poem. Well, here it is….



Filigree Stories

By Poppy

Stories are good.

Think Red Riding Hood.

The Wolf and Granny;

They’re quite uncanny.

The dwarves are here.

To Snow White, they’re dear;

They dance and sing,

They love everything.

Cinderella and the Prince:

She falls, they wince.

Her slipper of glass

Attracts the mass.

Beauty was pricked by a thorn;

She slept past the morn’.

She dozed a hundred years,

And outlived all her peers.

So, if you see

These tales of fantasy,

You’ll most certainly agree

With me, oh, me!

That these pure filigree

Tales from history

Are pure glory (as well as filigree).

I hope you liked it

Image from Unsplash. Shot by Glauco  Zuccaccia

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1 Response

  1. Abhijit says:

    So you say that filigree is your mix of history, nursery rhymes, fables and fantasy? Interesting …

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