How to transfer an adenium to a new pot

A few days ago I did something wacky. I bought an Adenium on the internet instead of the nursery. I was tired of the usual pink single petaled flowers at all the nurseries in Hyderabad.

Actually, I have been using Amazon for a few months to buy a lot of things, from books to UPS and I got a brainwave. Hey, Amazon has been selling pretty much everything. Why not check if anyone is selling plants on the portal. Lo and behold! I really found some seller was actually doing it. I thought I’ll give it a try. Why not? This would actually be interesting to see how they ship the plant. As a matter of fact, I found some adeniums by the seller with various coloured double petaled flowers. I ordered one out of curiosity. It took a few days to be delivered. It came in a box and when I first saw the packet I thought it was a book that I had ordered along with the plant. After opening the packet I realized that it was not the book but the plant.

The plant
The plant
The package
The package

Initially I was a little worried, after opening the box, that is. That’s because the plant looked like it was dying, leaves shed or withering. I was thinking that I would give a negative feedback to the seller on Amazon. I asked around and I learnt that it does not matter when it comes to Adeniums. All I had to do was to allow the plant to lie in a dark place for a few days and then transfer the plant to a new pot.

;I kept the plant in a semi dark place for 3 days and then potted it.

Here is a video on potting the plant straight out of the box.

Do you want to see what happened after I potted it? Find out here.

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