Fall colors – Trees on fire

America calls this season, Fall. The rest of the world (at least, the world I know) calls it, Autumn. I’m not sure why It is called, Fall; maybe because the deciduous trees start shedding their leaves at this time of the year. Since the leaves fall to the ground throughout the day in every part of the country, the season is aptly named as Fall. yes, the leaves fall but not until the color changes from green to red. Different trees take up different shades of red, yellow and orange. The sight has to be seen to be believed. The best sights are in the forest regions and hilly areas. Those areas offer the best views. The best time of the year is from mid October to mid November. I would say, closer to November as the leaves turn their brightest just before dropping off. People normally refer to this as “Fall colors”
This is the time the temperatures dip and the wind chill factor starts going up and we can feel that winter is around the corner.

Fall starts from September and lasts till December. The interesting part is that the all leaves start turning from green to yellow to red, before falling off. All of a sudden an entire tree can turn from green to red. This poses an amazing photography opportunity.

Ideal geographical location

The best Fall colors, I know, are seen in the southern parts of Canada. I guess that’s why the red maple leaf features on the Canadian flag as its national symbol. I’m told that the best Fall scenes in the USA are seen in North East USA, e.g. States of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont. I couldn’t got to those places but I got some good photographs at the Blue Ridge mountains area in Virginia and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Here are my photos

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