Adenium seed germination diary

I had been planning to grow some adeniums from seeds. After some study I decided to try it out. A few days ago (28-May-16) I had planted some seeds. Read about how I had planted the seeds. Now I am watering the soil with droplets of water twice a day to ensure that the soil remains moist all the time.

Day 3:

I noticed visible signs of germination. The first seed sprouts.

Day 4:

2nd seed germinates and sprouts

Day 5:

The 3rd seed sprouts.

Day 6:

Yet another seed sprouts. Now a total of 4 seeds sprouts up

Day 9:

The seedlings have grown taller. I noticed that the top of 2 seedlings look like those have been chopped off. I’m not sure if it’s just a preparation for the top 2 leaves to appear.

Day 10:

The seedlings are growing at a very slow pace. Moreover the small seedlings should have grown much larger. Those should have at least produced the top 2 leaves as the other 2 seedlings. I’m not sure what has gone wrong here. I think it is because the season has changed in the last 4 days. Monsoon has come and the sky has been heavily overcast throughout the day.

The sky is now looking like this for the last 4 days. I think there was sunlight at least for half the day the seedlings would have grown faster.

Day 13:

I have lost a seedling to birds, at least that’s what I think. As the weather has been overcast in the last week, without a hint of sun, I had kept the seedling pot at the edge of the balcony for it to more light. I guess some bird might have picked up the best seedling in the pot. Now I think it is safer to keep the pot well inside the balcony.

Also, it seems to me that all the seeds were not of good quality. Hence all the seeds did not produce good seedlings.

Day 30:

The seedling’s growth has now slowed down but the stem is slowly turning brownish from deep green. There are more leaves now.

I noticed that the other 2 seedlings on the sides have not grown at all. I will carry on observing. Now that the seedlings are 30 days old, I can start to feed the seedlings with some liquid fertilizer. I will also cut down watering to once per day. I think the saplings have grown quite slowly because of the lack of sunlight as the days have been overcast to dark since I have sown.

My idea was to sow the seeds in monsoon just like other plants and by the time monsoon would go by the seedlings would grow into small plants. I plan to go on a 2 week vacation after monsoon and then the plants would be strong enough to survive for 2 weeks without water.

I might have chosen the wrong time of the year to sow the seeds. I plan to sow my next batch of seeds in winter so that they get enough sunlight and see how those fare.

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