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Photography was my first love. As far as I can remember I used to be fascinated with cameras and used to wonder how a photo is actually made from clicking the trigger to printing photographs. In those days photography was based on film. All cameras used films. These films were loaded into the cameras and photographs were clicked. Each film allowed only 36 – 38 shots. After that the used film had to be taken out and a new film had to be loaded. Then the used or exposed film had to be developed and printed at a lab. The labs were usually shops. The output was a set of negatives and prints on paper.

Whereas today, digital photography is in. One can take thousands of photographs on a single SD card and print the photographs in their own home using a computer, tablet or even a phone. Today, it seems strange that to get a photograph on print. Actually, the process used to be so lengthy and cumbersome up to a decade back!

I picked up photography as a kid but actually learned the intricate details in the college photography club. This helped me a lot when I actually started travelling after I finished college and joined my job. Working in the field of IT consultancy meant that moving to a new location and also travelling on business was very frequent. Although my travel was mainly for work,  I did find opportunities to travel in and around those cities or towns. At a new location, I worked as an expat and visited surrounding areas, cities, national parks, and other tourist spots on local holidays and weekends.

I have put together some of the photographs from my collection and pinned those to the locations on the map for you to see. I don’t know if you can regard me as a photographer but I think some of these photos will be to your liking

The locations on the map are classified with colored markers.

Travel map

During my travel I had the opportunity to see how the known seasons look in different countries. While I was living in America, Fall and Winter seasons have stood out for me. I had never seen Fall or Winter like this before.


The phenomenon of Fall
The phenomenon of Fall


Snow on a wooden shed
Snow on a wooden shed

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