Scottish Highlands

This was a very memorable trip for me way back in April, 2001 during the Easter break. I used to work in Cardiff. My friends made a plan to tour Northern Scotland or the Scottish Highlands. It was a 4 day road trip and I remember that by the 3rd day I was so overwhelmed with natural beauty I started complaining that I needed a break from it. Obviously, it was too much of a good thing.

We visited the places below

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In those days digital photography was still in its nascent state and a digital SLR was just too expensive for me. The quality of the pictures were not that great either. I had a couple of SLR cameras. A Nikon EM from early 1980s and an auto-focus Nikon D70 SLR from 1997.

The photographs had been lying in my drawer for years until I brought those out one day and scanned some of the good ones. The quality did not come out as well as I hoped, but I guess I can still display what I have.


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