How to sow adenium seeds

After getting a few Adeniums to start my own balcony garden I thought it would be nice to try buying some seeds and see if I could start raising my plants from the beginning. I looked around for seeds at nurseries but they do not sell seeds, only the plants.

I checked online and I found some seller selling Adenium seeds at Flipkart. The price was quite high. Come on, who charges Rs 200 for 5 seeds? Nevertheless, I went with it thinking that the maximum loss I would incur was Rs. 200.

The seeds came in a polythene packet along with a booklet on how to germinate. I started my experiment.

Sowing parameters:

Date Saturday, 28-May-2016
Location Hyderabad, India
Temperature 35-38 ºC
Humidity 40%
Sunshine Direct. Lasts 12 hrs daily. Seldom overcast sky

1. I kept the seeds in a shallow dish of water for 6 hours. I actually soaked the seeds in the dish overnight.


2. Next morning I prepared to plant the seeds. I got the potting mix out. The seeds would be planted directly in potting mix as potting mix remains moist for a long time and moisture is required at all times for seed germination.

Soil preparation.jpg

The potting soil is the black mound on the right. I was planning to mix potting mix with soil for planting the adeniums I had bought at the nurseries I had visited earlier.

3. I used a 3” plastic pot. This pot came with another plant I had bought from a nursery. Since the plant had outgrown the pot I had transplanted it into another one making this free.

The pot.jpg

4. I covered the holes at the bottom of the pot with small stones

Stones in pot.jpg

5. I filled in ¾ of the pot with potting soil.

Half fill pot.jpg

6. I laid the seeds on the bed of the potting soil. It is important to lay the seeds flat, horizontally and not vertically.

Seeds in place.jpg

7. After laying the seeds I covered those lightly with ½” potting soil

Cover seeds.jpg

8. Then I kept the pot in shaded portion of my balcony. I placed the pot behind a few pots so that the seeds do not get direct sunlight at all. The seeds will only get diffused light, i.e. about 50% sunlight.

Pot in shade.jpg

9. Finally I poured a few drops of  water on the pot to keep the seeds wet

Water seeds.jpg

The seeds will have to be kept moist constantly. I guess the seeds will germinate in 7 days, if everything has been done right. Keep following me to see what happens next in my next article.

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