Mesozoic Era – The dinosaur age

Prehistoric age classification

In prehistoric times, world history was divided into three eras:

  • The Paleozoic era (541 to 252.17 million years ago)

The Paleozoic era was a great time for prehistoric birds and reptiles.

  • The Mesozoic (252.17 to 66.54 million years ago)

The Mesozoic era brought about the dinosaurs.

  • The Cenozoic (66.54 million years ago to the present day).

The Cenozoic… well, we wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t happened.

The following picture explains the 3 different eras and the living beings from those eras.


In this article, I’m going to tell you about the different time periods in the Mesozoic and the dinosaur races that lived in each.

Triassic period

The oldest time period, the Triassic, was very sparsely populated; about 400,000,000 years ago, just before it started, all living beings had tolerated a mass extinction event, which wiped out 99% of all beings on Earth. Examples of Triassic creatures found are the Eoraptor (231.4 million years ago**), and the Rhynchosaur (259 million years ago).

** By the text written above, I mean the year the dinosaur race was came into being, not discovered.


Jurassic period

The second time period, the Jurassic, was also known as the Golden Age of Sauropods. You know, in those days, if you were any type of prehistoric animal, you were lucky if you lived in the Jurassic. That was because the creatures mentioned above, sauropods, were herbivores or plant-eaters and they made up almost one-fifth of the population and half of all the herbivores. Examples of Jurassic creatures found are the Stegosaurus (155 million years ago) and the Kentrosaurus (150 million years ago).

Cretaceous period

The final period, the Cretaceous, was home to the largest number of creatures in the history of the Mesozoic Era. Two insect species were born in this period; ants and termites. The Cretaceous was followed by the Cretaceous- Paleogene mass extinction, which was the end of all dinosaurs and the beginning of a new species: us.

That’s it for now! See you next time for another article on those ferocious dinosaurs!

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