Nurseries at Bakhrahat

Although the previous nursery was fine, I did not get the type of Adeniums I really wanted.  I was told that the bigger nurseries were on the south-western fringes of Kolkata beyond a town named Bakhrahat. The town wasn’t far from where my flat was, Behala Chowrasta. Although I have been to Bakhrahat several times to visit Baba Boro Kachari (a local form of Shiva, worshipped as a tree), I thought it would be worth a try to visit the nurseries after paying our respects at Boro Kachari.

There were several nurseries all along the Bakhrahat road but none of those could offer me what I was looking for, something like an Arabicum, Swazicum, Somalense or at least a hybrid. I checked nuseries in the below locations. The locality is dotted with many nurseries.

At one of the nurseries they told me to go beyond Bakhrahat road and I would surely find what I was looking for. I followed their advice and followed the same road beyond Bakhrahat town to a village called Raipur. There I found nursery after nursery with varied collections but none could offer any Adeniums. Finally, after a some guidance from the folks in nurseries I located, Avoya Nursery. There I found a collection of hybrid adeniums. I bought 2 hybrids and also got some free adenium seeds directly from a plant.

Hope you find what you are looking for at these nurseries

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