A quick history of gymnastics


Gymnastics is an ancient sport which was invented in ancient Greece. In the early nineteenth century, Johann Friedrich GutsMuths (1759-1839) and Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852) created exercises for young boys and men on apparatus they had created that ultimately led to what is now known as modern gymnastics. 

Gymnastics moves

Gymnastics is quite different sports. Each sport has a few focus areas. For instance, football needs stamina, speed, agility. Hockey needs pretty much the same qualities. On the other hand, gymnastics includes exercises that test speed, agility, endurance, strength but more so, balance and coordination. The exercises test all aspects of physical attributes of a sports person.

There are different moves in gymnastics. Some of the different moves in gymnastics are:

  1.  Forward Roll
  2.  Backward Roll
  3.  Handstand
  4.  Cartwheel
  5.  One-hand cartwheel
  6.  Dive Roll
  7.  Split Roll or Open-legs Roll
  8.  Bridge
  9.  Split
  10.  Back flip

There are also a number of combo moves such as

    1.  Handstand to Bridge
    2.  Handstand to Roll
    3. Frontwalk (a handstand-to-bridge and then arms brought up)
    4. Backwalk (the opposite of Frontwalk)

Mother of all sports

Gymnastics is done before every sport to make the players’ bodies flexible. Hence, it is known as the “mother of all sports”.

I’ve tried it out and I can tell you that it is very helpful.  It has helped me by making my body very flexible and has improved my balance and stamina. More importantly for me, it has helped me overcome my breathing problems. I have a wheezing problem. It was far more pronounced before I started but now I’m much better.Try it! I’m sure you’ll like it once you see the benefits in a few weeks.

Oh, I have also written a poem on sports for you. See you next time for another article!

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