The first adenium for my balcony

So many times I have seen beautiful short plants, kind of like bonsais, but not exactly … The plants usually bore fascinating flowers which were unusually large and colourful for such short plants. The trunks of those trees looked wonderfully formed, something like a very old banyan tree. I had seen these plants in many a places but never got the opportunity to ask someone the name of those plants.

It was only a few months ago, when I had visited a horticulture expo in the city, that I got to see these plants for sale. There were myriad types of these plants and I asked the stall owners for the name. They said, “Adenium. These are natural bonsai plants”. Zap! That was it. I got the name and I started pursuing the plant..

It’s been 15 years for me in the field of IT consultancy. A job that has kept me on the move constantly, different countries, different people and of course, different homes. In fact, I never really got a chance to settle down, … until a few months back. I had finally settled down in Hyderabad, and then I found the plant that I had always admired. My wish to start my own terrace garden would finally come true.

Incidentally, I did not buy any adeniums at the expo. I thought I ought to do some homework before I buy an expensive plant. Those were going for Rs 250 a piece. After a bit of research on the net, I started hunting for adeniums at the local nurseries.


Adenium #1

I bought the first one for Rs 100, to start with. It looked like a nice specimen (I don’t know what the veterans will say), with a tall slender main trunk. It look like a few months old.

After a few weeks of reading, I felt that I had got a little understanding about these amazing plants. I went to the nursery and bought another adenium for Rs. 150.  This one had a slanted form and a lot of leaves. It caught my eye.

Adenium 2.jpg

Adenium #2

I kept both the adeniums in the containers those came with, but I knew I would have to re-pot both plants to enhance growth. By now I felt I had got the confidence to maintain and raise a collection of adeniums.

Now I’ll have to figure out how to repot these plants into proper pots and get the best possible soil.

My journey with these amazing plants just took off. Follow me while I grow up along with these fantastic flora.

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  1. Aritro Ray says:

    The article was amazing! I’ll try and get some of those plants myself!

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